Photo by Julietta Watson on Unsplash (Borage — Borago officinalis, blue edible flower)

And She is Blue.

Photo by kamila kawa on Unsplash

Bracing for a diagnosis and coming unraveled

Sunset with clouds — photo by author

How do we love the ones who are messy and gone?

Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

The shape of women preparing to testify (concrete poetry)

Photo by Author

But I’ve forgotten how to dream.

Photo by Kvnga on Unsplash

When we miss the call of love.

The Distant Promise of Morning (Photo by Author)

Shake your head for yes.

Photo by Wulan Sari on Unsplash

When everything and nothing feels small

Peggy Moss

Author of Say Something, Our Friendship Rules and One of Us. Mostly writing poetry for Medium. Secretly writing non-fiction at home.

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